the power of a woman

Creating Your Life By Design

Power is your birthright. Step into yours. Vision Your Life Into Being.

When a woman awakens to her power,
mountains move. Doors open.

Futures shift. Especially hers.

Divine woman, right now you feel like you want something more out of life, like something is calling you to live a bigger life, because it is! What is happening is you are yearning to open up to a whole new experience of yourself. A whole new experience in life. It can be as scary aI am an intuitive and an empath and have Clairvoyant and Clairsentient abilities that I use to facilitate the healing of the pain body within people (traumas, inner chnd exhilarating all at the same time! I understand it, but once you allow me to guide you, you’ll shift from uncertainty and the occasional (or not so occasional) freakin’ out, to rising up in divine femme presence, sensuality and power to create your own life, your way. Only then can you live the life of your hearts desires.

You are being called to claim your inherent power. To rise up and learn how to be a conscious creator. Life is so much more blessed this way! You may as well learn now because at this point in the game, you know to much to go backwards. You will either be forced towards your dreams kicking and screaming, or you will go in a graceful creative flow as the True Goddess Divine Woman, you are.

All of your struggles, your drama, and your trauma has led you here for a reason — because you’re being asked to use it to fan the flames of your sacred rising… The sacred rising that can only come when you’re ready to release the old stories and surrender to yourself, as the powerful creator you are; and this is exactly what I am going to teach you.

Like you, I was born with infinite power, but it took decades of agonizing heartache to embrace it. Two weeks before my 17th birthday, I watched my mother die, a victim of domestic abuse. Years later my own dysfunctional marriage disintegrated as my husband threatened me and our 2 children with violence. I filed a restraining order against him and went into hiding with them and only $20 in my pocket.

It was my divine duty to heal those family wounds and rebuild my life from the ground up and to learn how to use this creative power that is within us all, just like it is your divine duty to transcend your trauma, kick off the chaos and create your life.

Going through that tunnel of darkness brought me through to the light. It’s where I met my Angels. God. Myself. All 3 breathing within me.

It’s where I stepped into my Divine Feminine Power to
create and this is where you step into yours.

No more playing small, settling for less than what you want, not knowing your worth, or reacting to what life throws at you instead of creating it for yourself.

No more fear, anxiety, or scarcity around your love, relationships, money, marriage, children, divine connection, health — you name it, you can heal and transcend it.

When you stop tiptoeing around and jump the %^*# into yourself, it sends an electric current out into the universe and you call in every friggin’ thing you’ve ever desired and more than you ever thought possible.

Because you, Divine Woman, are the all-powerful creatrix of your reality, and you Divine Woman have the help of the unseen at your disposal. You are a powerful creator and this Universe is set up for you to win. This is your invitation to learn how to engage your power as one with All That Is and create the life of your dreams. It is not a fairytale. It is very scientific and esoteric and it is PROVEN TO WORK. Do you want to learn it? Are you ready to have the blessed life you deserve? In all areas?

Your body and your being are
filled with unlimited power.

This power is running through your veins. It’s the power of our ancestors, of our mothers, of the moon, of matter, of God. It’s surging through you like lightning in a bottle, begging for you to flip the holy switch and use it with full intention and purpose to change your life and realize your dreams. It is your Power to create.

And when you match your sacred, sizzling power with the full force of the Universe (and all her angels, Goddesses and divine deities too) then you become Unstoppable with a capital U.


  • Feeling the divine sacred love of pure aligned Divine Connection each and every day.
  • Knowing that YOU are the creator and that you’re deeply supported.
  • Your wounds are healed.
  • You are finally free of chaos.
  • You take back control of your life.
  • Dancing in the energy of miracles and magic as your daily experience.
  • Being financially supported by the Universe.
  • Knowing that you are needed in the world, and that not only do you matter but that you’re here for so much more than you even know right now.
  • Seeing the ripple effect in your friends and family (it’s for them too).
  • Watching your dreams come to life knowing you have the power to create your life.

Use your power to create your piece of Heaven on Earth

like the Divine Goddess you are.

What we feel is 5,000 times more powerful than what we think.

And when we feel shitty, we create shit. When we have limitations we create limitations.

But when we feel radiant, confident, vibrant, divine, sexy, infinite, aligned, sacred, sensual and on fire, we slay every day. Every. Single. Day. and we Love Life while doing it.

The way you feel is a clear path to manifesting all you desire.

The love, the career, the friends, the weight, the money—they are all born from within. Our internal creates our external.

You're already more powerful than you realize.You just need to discover how to tap into that power and use it to create all you desire.

You need to break free from the illusion of not being enough to rise.

When we feel powerless, our lives happen TO us.

But when we feel powerful,
our lives happen for us.

the power of a woman

Create your life by Design
Manifest Your Dreams into Reality

is a sacred invitation for you to escape the limitations, fear,
pain, relationship drama and self sabotaging forever.

During your sacred journey, you’ll discover how to step into your power so you can realize your dreams by turning to the Angelic realm and Universal Power to support, guide and love you into your highest.

Take notice of this moment, divine woman. This is the day when you stop accepting:

  • Settling for less than what you want
  • Scarcity around money and love
  • Putting up with painful relationships and situations
  • Reacting to your life instead of being in the divine driver’s seat
  • Suffering instead of triumphing
  • Being out of alignment with your power and truth
  • Putting up with just good enough
  • Allowing negative toxic relationships into your life
  • History repeating itself over and over again
  • Getting stuck in our stories instead of transcending them
  • Not achieving the dreams you have for yourself

Your power is your rainbow bridge from the dark into the light. Your path is waiting for you to create it.


How long will you keep doing the same thing expecting different results?

How long will you wait to better your life?

How long will you put up with the never ending cycle?


You have to make a sacred vow to invest in your divine growth. It’s the only way you will reign as the divine sovereign Queen.

You must be ready to:

  • HEAL your life, your heart, and your past traumas and engage your power to create
  • CONNECT with the Divine and discover what guidance it can offer you.
  • CLAIM your intuitive power so you’re no longer unconsciously choosing and creating a life that is JUST BLAH!
  • MASTER your own magical mystical creatrix alignment.
  • MANIFEST blessed Love relationships, more money, a fulfilling career, and a healthy body.
  • PLAY with time, space and energy to call in a life that is going to light you up.
  • EMBODY a new sensual loving electric frequency (Get ready, this is whole other ballgame of femme power).
  • DANCE in the energy of creation and experience magic and miracles as your daily life, fully connected and knowing you are supported.

If you’re sooooo over your pain or struggle, that you know, that now this time is for you…... No more excuses. No more running away from your pain. No more pretending. No more denial. You’re ready to face yourself so you radically change your life as you rise into being a truly powerful woman, then I invite you to join us.

When a woman says YES to Working With Randina,

magic happens.

Delaney met her higher self

“OMG this exercise was crazy! My higher self came straight through to me, very bright vivid colors, wearing a red dress, red lipstick and a mouth opening smile, hair floating in the wind, radiates light, love and confidence!! Behind me was a private jet along with my husband who was standing there smiling at me and my 3 children (I currently only have one and not married 😉) All of us were so filled with joy and laughing as we chased each other around! Loved this and excited to continue on this journey!! Thank YOU!!!”


Jennifer manifested
unexpected money

“I am loving this! I already feel some healing and amazing things happening, and I know there is so much more to come. I wasn't sure I was gonna be able to pay for the course, but I knew this was where I needed to be. I had faith I could manifest the money! I have already manifested the first month payment. I had a guy from my church bring me a reimbursement check they owed me from September of 2016, and I found a fuel reimbursement from my work from December 2016.”


The most powerful exercises Amanda has ever done

“Oh my GOSH, these are the MOST POWERFUL exercises I have EVER DONE!!! I have not felt that LEVEL of gratitude and pure joy. And the TEARS, dear me, the flowing of TEARS!!!!! Sooooooo thankful!!!!”


Alexis is feeling blessed

“Randina, words cannot express how grateful I am that you crossed my path. I'm sure you hear that all the time, and it’s truth! For real gospel! I pray that I'm able to bless you in some way the way you have me! Xoxoxo.”


Christine woke up to 30 requests to work with her

“Wow! So I'm not quite done with all my "homework," but what I have done has been AMAZING! One of the things I wrote about Tuesday was people seeking ME out for business opportunities. Yesterday I received THIRTY messages from people looking for info!! Woke up to more today! This is absolutely amazing!!!”

Christine M.

Kimberly quit smoking, lost 4 pounds and feels like a goddess

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I appreciate you, and I love you. Still smoke free, down 4 lbs and went and had an awesome sassy haircut, and my aura is Amazing! I Am taking my Divine Goddess Self back!”


Taylor felt better in 2 weeks than she did in 2 years of counseling

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, Randina, again for everything and everything that is to come!!! You're absolutely amazing. I feel better so far after two weeks than I did with two years of counseling!! I have tears in my eyes for how grateful I am that I found you.”


Kristina loves herself fully

“What an amazing experience to get to see who we truly are, and love that person fully! I didn't want the hypnosis time to end because I wanted to keep watching her. When I finally opened my eyes, big and bold on my computer screen the clock read 5:55! 555 means: Significant and necessary changes are happening in your life that have been Divinely inspired and guided. These changes will bring about long-awaited circumstances and results and will fully align you with your true Divine Life Purpose and soul mission.”



“Dearest Randina, thank you for the session last week. It was incredible, already before the session and during I felt the healing and clearings. I truly admire your power — I have had so many healings before and never so powerful and deep as yours. I feel confident, peaceful and powerful, and happy to shine my light.”


Celeste manifested her dream car

“Thanks for helping me manifest my new Lexus!! You have no idea how long I have been wanting this car! You’re the!


the number 7 is where spirit meets science

It’s no coincidence that The Power Of A Woman activates
and transforms the 7 major areas of your life:

  • activation one


    You will experience a deeper connection to your existing partner or lay the energetic foundation for calling in your soulmate. Watch as your passion becomes reignited and your sex life awakens as your sacred sexuality is healed, balanced, and flowing.

    You will have a deeper understanding of how we operate as beings and will no longer be triggered by outside influences. You will become happier and your insecurities will vanish, allowing you to open up and be at one with your partner. You’ll live from your heart and heal your soul, so you can shift your entire life.

  • activation two

    Sacred Relationship to Spirit

    Get ready to experience profound love like you have never felt before. You’ll connect and co-create in a dance with spirit, knowing you are fully supported and loved from deep within your soul.

    Feel at one with the Universe as you realize that all of creation is on your side. You will learn how to engage the laws of the Universe to receive exactly what it is you desire. Core confidence will be your dominant vibration.

  • activation three

    Divine Children

    Guilt and wounding is healed from within as relationships with your children are rebuilt out of pure and compassionate love. Relationship bonds expand, and you begin working together as a team. You will become best friends with your children and loving guides to them. You transform from the inside, and their future is forever changed.

  • activation four

    Divine Calling and Sacred Money

    Inner Core Confidence exudes from within, and you become unstoppable. Aligning with your soul purpose and what you are really meant to do in this world creates deep fulfillment and excitement. Money begins to flow after you learn the energetics of money, and your income climbs to levels you only previously dreamt of.

  • activation five

    soul friends

    You begin to attract your soul group in your physical reality. They will be other like-minded women you feel you have known for lifetimes. You will feel supported and loved by others because you are attracting a new caliber of people into your life. Finally you will be seen for who you truly are. Opportunities open up for you in the form of new love, more money, and your dreams manifesting into physical form.

  • activation six

    Divine wellness

    Dis-ease begins to disappear. Stored fat and weight melts off easily and instantaneously. You’ll look and feel younger because you’re happier and more at peace. Over the course of the program your energy will grow energy as a deeper unbreakable profound self-love transforms you into a radiant and vibrant being.

  • activation seven

    Empowered Aligned Life

    You will have a crystal clear vision for your life and know exactly what you need to get you there. You have the help of the Divine and all the support of the Universe. You will also be energetically transformed and boosted with high-vibrational energy creating a New You. You will be able to sustain your success and live a deeply fulfilled life experience.

    Your reason for being and the gift that is you is discovered and expressed. Deep core love for the woman you are and the woman you are becoming is felt and known. You will Align with your soul’s true purpose and know exactly how to express it in the world, in a way that provides deep soul-filled connection and fulfillment. You will be in alignment to do what you came here to do, knowing you are fully supported by all of life and all of spirit. Oh and you will be manifesting like a Queen.

These teachings work across all faiths and all religious texts. They are scientifically proven and spiritually profound.

Their purpose?

To reunite you with who you really are and what you were really sent here to do, so you can create your reality with intention and divinity.

When you join The Power Of A Woman Create your life by Design course, you’ll be walked through

12 Months of expansion, transformation
and empowerment

using your feng shui’d vision board as a guide (not to worry I will teach you how to add this magic sauce to it). We are going to visit each and every area during an assigned month, dedicated to growing this area of your life and Manifesting your vision into reality, so you can have your entire life filled with Divine Love and Flow. Each section of the Bagua is a different chakra and has beautiful stones dedicated to it as well as a specific number. We will be flowing and balancing our chakras, CALLING IN OUR ANGELS, INVOKING THE GODDESSES, learning about all the magical pieces of earth to boost our energy (aka crystals), and connecting with Astrology and Numerology to transform our worlds faster than ever before; with love, ease, and grace of course ;).

  • month one

    Dare to Dream, Vision Your Life Into Being.

    Soul Star Chakra

    Soul Star Chakra : Citrine, Quartz, Sugilite- spiritual love, opens the heart chakra, Soul Purpose

    In this month you’ll:

    • Set the powerful intentions that will help transform your dreams into your reality
    • Engage the support system of the universe through the Law of Attraction and learn manifesting rituals that will bring you all you desire
    • Discover how to become the frequency of what you desire, so you can magnetize anything to you and manifest it quickly
    • Activate your Power to create with The Divine Effect TM Vision Board Process that will bring your manifestations into form
    • Learn about holographic creation and how to engage it to become a Manifesting Maven
  • month two + three

    Connect to your higher self and Universal Forces

    God star Chakra and Earth Star Chakra.

    God Chakra: Selenite, Diamond- Mental Clarity, Psychic/Intuitive awakenings, Angelic Blessings

    Earth Star Chakra: Black Kyanite, Black Onyx, Black Tourmaline- Grounding, Material Support, Enhanced Manifesting Abilities

    In these Two Months you’ll:

    • Connect with your Higher self aka Your inner being, with the Divine Effect ™ Activations and NLP Processes to reprogram and repattern your brain and energy field which will turn you into the powerful being that you are
    • Use your body as a truth guide with mantras and muscle testing, strengthen your intuition
    • Invoke the Goddesses of tantra so you can unleash your own ecstatic sexuality and create magic in the Universe
    • Call in the Archangels assigned to your life with this ancient activation tool
    • Heal your relationship with God/source so you can fully embrace your own divinity and know you are fully supported and loved
    • Embody who you truly are and have a deep sense of Goddess Power and Love for who you are and what you came here to do
    • Discover and begin to fully express your Soul’s’ Purpose
  • month four + five

    We begin the Manifesting of the Vision:
    All about you!

    Solar Plexus and Crown Chakras.

    Solar Plexus Chakra: Citrine, Amber, Orange Quartz, Cat’s Eye- Strength, Personal Power, Expands etheric power, Core Power

    Crown Chakra: Amethyst- Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual planes of Awakening, Healing

    In this part of Power of a Woman, you’ll:

    • Learn the Divine Effect ™ to channel the light force energy of the collective consciousness, heal your traumas, rewire your neural pathways to align with transformation, and release insecurities you’ve picked up along the way
    • Return to love and light with False Identity Reprogramming, so you can transcend painful stories and reunite you with the truth of who you are
    • Go through an emotional healing detox where you use sacred practices to purge your mind, body and soul of what no longer serves you
    • Learn the Light of Love Process that you can use anywhere, anytime to heal trauma and erase density on a cellular level
    • Tap into your new identity and remember the truth of who you really are
    • Discover your body transforming as you are inspired to get moving and love and cherish it
  • month six + seven

    Shine your light. Spirituality and Prosperity
    and the Divine Masculine.

    Throat Chakra and Third Eye Chakra.

    Throat Chakra: Turquoise, Blue Lace Agate- Divine communication, Prophesy your life, Speaking your truth

    3rd Eye Chakra: Charoite, Blue Kyanite, Lapis Lazuli, Lavender Quartz- Vision, Creativity, Spiritual Growth, Christ Consciousness

    You’ll learn to:

    • Reconnect with your true intentions for yourself, your life and the planet so you can feel focused and aligned with your calling
    • Connect your purpose to your career and make money with your soul’s mission
    • Integrate your higher self into your every day, so you’re always operating from a space of love and light instead of fear
    • Live from your true purpose so every action you take and decision you make is conscious, guided and for your highest good
    • Integrate Divine Love as you discover how to connect with spiritual channels and live a more awakened life
    • Learn how to generate cash flow, increase prosperity, and the true laws of Manifesting
    • Use the energy of money to manifest large amounts of cash and keep them flowing in
    • Engage the Law of Attraction so you can turn your bank account into a giant money magnet
    • Balance and heal your Masculine (Shiva) Energy ie: opportunities and support
    • Clear your limiting beliefs around money so you can bring in more and keep what you have
    • Dance with the masculine and feminine sides of money so you can balance your giving and receiving
    • Discover your personal relationship with money and transform how you feel about it for good
  • month eight + nine

    Love, Marriage, and The Divine Feminine.

    Primary and Secondary Heart Chakras.

    Heart Chakra/Sacral Chakra: Orange Carnelian, Orange Aventurine, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Morganite- Sacred Sexuality, Divine Feminine Power, Pure Love

    Heart Chakra: Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Morganite, Jade, Amazonite- Calm, Peace, Love, Family bonds

    In this phase of The Power Of A Woman you’ll learn the keys to:

    • Discover your how to transform or enhance your relationships and enjoy the “honeymoon” phase forever
    • Learn how to use the power of Vibration to Love your Life
    • Learn the tools to healing any relationship
    • Discover the sacred tools to manifest more love in your life (yes even attract the man of your dreams, if you don’t already have him. I mean... I am the “Manifest The Love Of Your Life” Mentor and all...)
    • Healing aka Awakening the Feminine Divine and Empowering your energy to bring your manifestations into your life faster
    • Awakening your sacred sexuality to attract and flow like a Goddess
    • Balance and Heal Your Divine Feminine (Shakti) Energy ie: Receiving and Sacred Feminine Power
    • Strengthen your family and change their lives for ever
  • month ten + eleven

    Creativity, Future, Fame and Reputation

    Sacral Chakra and Root Chakra

    Sacral Chakra: Orange Carnelian, Citrine, Orange Aventurine, Citrine- Divine Feminine Creative Power, Strengthens Divine connection to Gai (Mother Earth)

    Root Chakra: Fire Agate, Hematite, Rhodonite, Black Tourmaline, Citrine- Abundance, Support, Core Power, Stability, Grounding

    In this phase you will experience:

    • Feeling confident, whole, and completely in love with who you are
      Becoming the Vibration of your Desires
    • Freedom!
    • Expression
    • Seeing all your manifestations that came to fruition in real life and celebrating your Power!
    • Being seen by others as an amazing contribution to their lives (because you ARE!)
    • Being the Lightworker you are
    • Knowing you are a creator and seeing it happen all around you
    • Taking the tools you have learned in this program and knowing you are in control of your life, and that all of the Universe loves you and conspires on your behalf. You know how to create your future , exactly the way you want it, and you love it!
    • All the soul sister friends (and some of your future clients/customers; but most importantly your soul sister friends) to support you and love you on your journey
  • month twelve

    Travel!! And helpful people

    Flowing in Unison Chakra Activation and Alignment

    All Chakras: Hematite, Angelite, Apophyllite, Selenite, Seraphinite- Raises Conscious Mind to a Higher Vibration, Increased Ability to receive Angelic communications, conscious Connection between the Spiritual and the Physical, Clairvoyance, Higher self communication aka Soul communication

    In this phase you will Learn and experience:

    • How to invoke all the helpful Deities and Light beings to help you fulfill your life’s purpose and to help you meet the souls who are here to help you in your life/business
    • Create Dream Vacations and actually go on them!
    • Freedom of expression
    • How to have everyone in your life become a helpful person
    • The magical attunement for connecting your soul with all the people in the world you are meant to help and be helped by
    • A Divine Effect ™ NLP process for aligning you with all the good you have created aka Your Vortex of Creation
    • Know how to sustain your good and keep it growing!

the power of a woman

Creating Your Life By Design Includes:

  • 12 Months of Powerful Proven tools, trainings and teachings that will have you ascending to the next level of your life
  • Lifetime access to all of the materials so you can return whenever you need to feel empowered again
  • A private Facebook group of your soul sisters who are rising right along side you
  • Weekly energy activations where I meet with your guides, my guides and the angels to download the messages you need to hear and heal the spaces you need healed. This is where some of the most incredible transformation happens.
  • Bi-weekly Video Master Classes and Activations
  • Monthly Divine Effect ™ Reprogramming Activation Processes
  • Sacred Manifesting Processes to teach you the right way to manifest Money
  • Monthly Laser Coaching to help you to heal and transcend your wounding, limitations and blocks to Power
  • Direct Connection with me to manifest your hearts desires
  • Sacred Vortex of creation to amplify your powers
  • Rapid Transformation
  • Feng Shui and Chakra Power Activations
  • Rituals to Manifest your Vision board into Physical form ie: “money in the bank”
  • Healing and transcending of every area of your life
  • You Becoming A Woman who knows her value, her worth, and her Power
  • 6 special bonuses (plus 2 life changing bonuses you’ll discover inside) valued at $9997

sacred divine bonuses

  • bonus one

    Group Astrological Readings With My Personal Astrologer

    (Valued at $1250)

    The planets are positioned for the rise of the sacred feminine. (It’s no accident you’re here.) This group reading with Shannon Murray will chart the areas we need to heal so you can join your place among our fellow ascended sisters and play a bigger game in the world with divine insight.

  • bonus two

    Group Healing With My Personal Theta Healer

    (Valued at $200)

    If you want to make room for the new, you have to release the old. In this sacred group healing with my personal reiki practitioner and theta healer Janet Nicksic, we’ll unite as a group to unbind ourselves from the limitations we’re placing on what we can currently receive—especially around money. Janet will heal our past wounds and pave the way for us to attract more abundance moving forward. (optional)

  • bonus three

    Group Reading per Month with My Personal Gifted Medium, Katie Maki

    (Valued at $2,364)

    Where are your loved ones and what are the messages they have for you? Who are your spirit guides and how do you communicate with them? What are the messages spirit wants you to know to help you on your journey? Katie will be available for one group reading per month to answer all your questions if you so desire to hear them. (optional)

  • bonus four

    Group Master Class taught by my personal Acupuncturist Lara Koljonen

    (Valued at $497)

    You all know I only work with the best of the best! Women who know their ish! 7 Steps to self love through your boobies!

    Taught by the Lara Koljonen the founder of Herbin Acupuncture & Wellness center in San Diego! Lara is a licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist, and breast health visionary. In 2006 she created Essentially Pink while finishing her Masters of Science degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego. Learn how your feminine parts hold the key to your inner healing and outer world

  • bonus five


    (VALUED AT $497)

    Focusing on mastering primal nutrition concepts to fuel your body through healing nutrition guidance, here you will learn about the “kinetic chain” and how to activate it to strengthen your connection with your physical body - therefore - the world around you, we’ll instill rituals and daily practices for rejuvenation of body and mind, and we’ll re-introduce the concept of “play” to move us toward the ultimate goal of more joy in our lives which will catapult you into alignment, fast.

  • bonus six


    (VALUED AT $997)

    We will be healing and boosting your money and your life within these sessions. You will be freed from your monetary energetic blocks, and be able to find peace, contentment, new levels of abundance and passionate contribution to others. Get ready to have the flood gates opened!

  • bonus seven

    Calling In Your Abundance Angels with Kari Samuels, Renowned Numerologist

    (VALUED AT $297)

    Experience 28 Days of Miracles Over the next 28 days, you can embark a powerful journey of divine healing and transformation as you call in your Abundance Angels. Spend a week with each of the powerful Archangels, as you experience a personal connection with them.

Plus I will have special guests and healers on throughout the 12 Month Course to help you Rapidly Transform and Awaken your Feminine Power To Create!

When you are in 100% alignment with The Divine, with your inner being, and with your desires,

they manifest into your reality
faster than you can imagine.

These are the same universal teachings I use with my private clients to take them from where they are to the life of their dreams, at quantum speeds. They have changed my life and the lives of countless others. They’re about to change yours.

Your life today will be totally different than your life after you embrace and embody your power. If you have been around me for any amount of time you know the power women are experiencing in their lives. Perhaps you are one of the ones who has already experienced transformation?

In this course You’ll witness your desires manifesting before you as you’re changed from the inside out and realigned with the energy of everything.

You’ll see it in your face as you look in the mirror (yes you will look more youthful).
You’ll hear it reflected back to you in the words of your family and friends.
You’ll feel it in your body as you stand taller and more confidently.
You’ll know it when you see your dreams manifest right before your very eyes.

And you’ll take it with you for the rest of your life.

That’s how profound this work is. The Power Of Divine connection and the blessing to use your power to create your life from your heart. That’s how powerful you are.

the power of a woman

12-Payment “Invest in You” Option:
The Power Of A Woman: Create Your Life By Design

In this course you will Heal Your Life, Connect With the Divine Support System and Align with Your Higher Self, so you can Claim Your Fullest Power. Together we go on a Journey of deep inner healing, tuning into our truest dreams and bringing them to life, through the power of our true self and Divine connection. Love who you are from your core, heal your life, live your purpose, your way. Rapidly Create a life you love, Become one with The Divine, and know you are supported. Become Unstoppable.

Plus learn The energy of Money and how to create a beautiful and supportive prosperous relationship with it.

  • 12 Months of Support and Transformation
  • Bonus group astrological reading with Shannon Murray
  • Bonus group theta healing with Janet Nicksic
  • Bonus Monthly Group reading with Katie Maki
  • Guided Visualizations to Reprogram Belief Patterns and Limitations
  • Reprogramming/Rewiring Limitations/Belief Processes
  • "Divine Effect”™ Inner Healing Quantum Leap your Life Processes
  • ”Light of Love Process”™ Trauma Eliminator
  • Holographic Creation Processes
  • Ancient Manifesting Techniques
  • Unique log-in and Access to Membership Portal
  • 1-2 Master Classes Per Week
  • Laser Coaching Q&A Calls
  • Video and Call Course Format
  • Program Workbook downloads
  • Soul Sister Connections in the private Facebook
  • Lifetime Access
  • Weekly Energy Activations
  • Divine Angelic/Goddess Attunements and Activations
  • Your Trauma Transcended
  • Your Full Power Awakened
  • Reign as the Sovereign Queen
  • A life of True Freedom

*This is a $29,997 Valued Package

12 monthly payments of $497.

the power of a woman

12-Payment “Invest in You” UPGRADE Option:
The Power Of A Woman: Create Your Life By Design

Heal Your Life, Connect With the Divine Support System and Align with Your Higher Self, so you can Claim Your Fullest Power. Together we go on a Journey of deep inner healing, tuning into our truest dreams and bringing them to life, through the power of our true self and Divine connection. Love who you are from your core, heal your life, live your purpose, your way. Rapidly Create a life you love, Become one with The Divine, and know you are supported. Become Unstoppable.

  • 12 Months of Support and Transformation
  • 12 Personal Divine Effect TM Sessions (1 in depth session per month $15,564 Value)
  • 6 MasterMind laser coaching VIP sessions
  • Bonus group astrological reading with Shannon Murray
  • Bonus group theta healing with Janet Nicksic
  • Bonus Monthly Group reading with Katie Maki
  • Guided Visualizations to Reprogram Belief Patterns and Limitations
  • Reprogramming/Rewiring Limitations/Belief Processes
  • "Divine Effect”™ Inner Healing Quantum Leap Your Life Processes
  • “Light of Love Process”™ Trauma Eliminator
  • Holographic Creation Processes
  • Ancient Manifesting Techniques
  • Unique log-in and Access to Membership Portal
  • 1-2 Master Classes Per Week
  • Laser Coaching Q&A Calls
  • Video and Call Course Format
  • Program Workbook downloads
  • Soul Sister Connections in the private Facebook
  • Lifetime Access
  • Weekly Energy Activations
  • Divine Angelic/Goddess Attunements and Activations
  • Your Trauma Transcended
  • Your Full Power Awakened
  • Reign as the Sovereign Queen
  • A life of True Freedom
  • A VIP Gift Box full of Manifesting tools: Journals, Jade, Essential Oils, Blessed Manifesting Candles, and a few other amazing gifts, plus A Sacred Necklace, and a Beautiful Bag of Personally charged Crystals Each Month for each chakra
  • Direct access to Randina for personal help

*This is a $45,561 Valued Package

12 Monthly Payments of $1497

  • "Randina you have changed my life in more ways than you will ever know. The manifesting tools you taught me brought me the money, the house and the man. There's something more that I experienced while working with you though, and that is deep core love and profound power from within me. My life will never be the same. Thank you doesn't even begin to express what I am for you and your work. I am forever blessed."

    Sari Dickinson
  • “I am so glad I chose to evolve and learn from Randina. Her course and my one on one session with her, has allowed me to heal wounds deep within that I’ve been holding onto and I’ve even discovered my Soul Purpose along the way!!!! Invest in yourself, choose to evolve. You’re worth it. Each and every one of you. Now is the time.”

    Taylor Goss
  • “Just in case anyone was wondering if Randina was legit!! I have been actively doing every single manifesting trick out there for 20 full months to manifest my dream car! Day 5 in her sacred money challenge and I got word that we qualified for a loan providing we came up with the down payment!! Which was no big deal because taxes were coming back within days right? Wrong! (had some healing and forgiving to do) Then out of nowhere, the money just showed up! Today! On a Sunday! Serious! Randina is the real deal! Thank you girl! I owe you sooo much!.. Just one day after the Sacred Money Workshop! Talk about rapid Transformation!”

    Celeste Johansen

your time is now.

If you want to have something you’ve never had before,
you have to do something you’ve never done before.

Here's what I know to be true from
the bottom of my very soul:

When you are healed from within you think differently and put the right divine principles into action, the Universe responds in kind and you are given to in ways you only dreamed of. It's as simple as that. You experience what you vibrate.

Joining in on THE CREATING YOUR LIFE BY DESIGN, MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS INTO REALITY COURSE, you'll replace your old stories with the new patterns and conditions, and you'll immediately start to see the world changing around you and the Universe delivering things to you that you've wanted for so long…

You'll get to the root of your conscious and subconscious issues and clear them out, reprogramming the limiting beliefs you've held onto for so long. We are going to clear your energy field and we are going to rewire your brain, so those old patterns are replaced with new, more effective and productive ones; so you can receive the money flow and the life you truly desire.

You can grow into your God gifted purpose, without all of these blocks, anxieties and worries. Isn't that really what you desire?

You will release all of that guilt and shame around money and self worth and ignite divine favor. Your desires will glow like a flare gun in the night, getting the attention of the Universe to deliver your dreams to you quickly.

Once you've done that, you've changed the way you think and feel on such a deep, soul level, you can't help but attract those things to you that you've been hoping, dreaming and working so hard for because you are vibrating at a new level.

Yes… you've dabbled in some manifesting stuff before. You've listed to free webinars, maybe even read a book or two. Doing what those free tools said “change your thoughts and change your life”... well, you did that and it did not really do a whole lot by way of producing actual results in your life, did it?

It feels like you're missing a key ingredient to the success pie. Something is still standing between you and your ultimate happiness.

Maybe you are just beginning to see your world transform and you are ready for more, much, much more.

So far, Divine Woman, you have only scratched the surface of the what's possible when you know exactly how to interact with money.

You are a complex Goddess with so many levels of consciousness, past traumas and experiences, with a unique set of beliefs that are standing in the way of your windfall.


you can shift everything

Why can't we just wave a magic wand and clear all of our blocks, emotions, traumas and issues so that we can live a life of happiness, fulfillment, abundance and have our happily ever after?

Well… with these divine principles, we actually can.

How do I know? Because I've witnessed it in my own life.

I watched my mother die at the hands of her abuser before I even turned 17. I spent my early adult years living in poverty.

I was married and like they so often do, old patterns repeated in my life. I was in my own abusive situation with my then husband, had two young children and was on state aid because any money we had, my ex-husband gambled away.

I remember scraping quarters together from under the couch cushions, on top of my dresser and at the bottom of my bag, just to get a couple dollars in gas to drive to the store and get diapers for my son.

I had special abilities as a clairvoyant and clairsentient, but I also had a very religious family. To freely share my gifts with the world would have been forbidden. Instead, I had to hide them to fit in and to stay safe.

I was living that way because it is what I knew.

I hadn't met my angels.

I hadn't invited in Divine guidance.

I hadn’t yet believed that I could transcend the pain, so I kept attracting it.

I know these things happened so I could learn all of these lessons and heal my own life. And eventually it would lead me to my life’s purpose: TO HEAL THE LIVES OF OTHERS AND TEACH THEM HOW TO USE THEIR DIVINE POWER TO CREATE ANYTHING THEIR HEART DESIRES.

Once I started to apply the things that I was learning, I was able to get off of state aid and experience true ABUNDANCE. I now run a multiple 6-figure business and have the power to manifest whatever I want, whenever I want; And every woman who works with me experiences the same results. Why? Because I discovered my Power, I uncovered my Gifts, and I stepped into myself as the creator I am. YOU must do the same. There is no more time to waste. The time is now.



I want you to have these tools and experience the deep inner transformation because I truly believe that women with abundance and ease in their lives make this world a more beautiful place.

Families thrive, relationships blossom and economies ignite when women are empowered spiritually and financially.

In the years and years that I've been doing this, I've seen lives transformed over and over again in ways that they never knew possible.


“Randina helped me in ways that more than doubled my income, fast. I am so grateful to her, and anyone who works with her is blessed. Thank you, Randina!”


  • clearing out of old patterns, conditioning and blocks
  • feel worthy and deserving of your dreams and of wealth
  • have the tools to manifest your deepest desires
  • ditch the self sabotaging patterns that have kept you small and broke and awaken your feminine Power to create
  • connect deeply to the Divine, the Goddess energy, and receive Angelic blessings in every area of your life
  • tap into the angelic realm to receive cosmic guidance and support whenever and wherever you need it
  • watch as the flow of prosperity increases and more money begins to manifest itself
  • open up to receive your hearts desires
  • be in control of your money rather than it being in control of you, so you can do more of the things you love, with the ones you love
  • change the trajectory of your life and the lives of those you love for good
  • connect to source and your own divine power so you can embody the unlimited potential of the entire universe
  • watch your body flow into beautiful shape and experience ultimate health and happiness.
  • See your Dream Board manifestations take form in your physical reality

it's time to rise divine woman!


Your dreams for your life should be Universe-sized, because you are backed by an entire army of the angelic realm, unbreakable ancient manifesting truths, and the entire field of quantum physics, all of which are working tirelessly in your favor to bring you seriously infinite abundance.

We’re talking sacred money and prosperity of epic proportions, available to you almost instantly and forever once you know how to claim it and sustain it.

It’s your job to become the Sacred Manifestor who reigns over her own life, creating divine levels of wealth, angel blessed miracles and rapturous financial windfalls that go WAY beyond “just getting by.”

You are DESTINED to be divinely wealthy, Goddess. You are being called to take your place of Power and Create your Life. Are you going to listen to the call? It will only get “louder”. The time is NOW. Let’s RISE!


This life changing course will be recorded and all material will be accessible in your membership portal for you to keep.


why me?



As a Transformational change agent and The QUEEN OF RAPID TRANSFORMATION I've dedicated my life to the study of human consciousness and its effects on the Universal field of Creation. In other words, I have been able to figure out how and why we co-create our lives.

I am an intuitive and an empath and have Clairvoyant and Clairsentient abilities that I use to facilitate the healing of the pain body within people (traumas, inner child work, and limiting beliefs). I have the gift of sensing and healing core fractures and hidden limitations, blocks, and barriers within people, releasing them from the karmic density cycle (Karmic Density cycle= repeating painful patterns and lessons over and over), allowing them to remember who they truly are and harness their true authentic power to create the life of their dreams, at quantum speeds.

I've dedicated myself to mastering this work. I am a Licensed Master Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, a Certified Life Coach, a Certified Master Weight Loss Coach, a Certified Motivational Coach, a Certified Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach, a Reiki Practitioner, a Past life regression therapist and an Energy Healer. I am also a certified HYMS (Heal Your Money Story) Money Coach AND I AM THE CREATOR OF THE MIRACULOUS DIVINE EFFECT ™ TRANSFORMATIONAL HEALING. I am an Entrepreneur at heart and run a multiple 6 figure a year transformational mentoring practice. This combined with my God given gifts and my lifelong mission to learn, is how I have been able to accomplish so much.

  • “Before I met Randina, I was scheduled for a hysterectomy. She was sure she could heal me. Fast forward to today only a few short months after I began my journey with her... No surgery needed and I am healed! Plus she taught me how to manifest the money I needed too! It all works! Thank you Randina, you will always have a special place in my heart.”

    Corean D.

  • “Randina has been the biggest asset to growing my business from an idea to a full flowing spa. I have been able to reach heights I only dreamed of in such a short amount of time due to having her as my mentor. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me and my business.”


I know what you're thinking (remember, I'm clairvoyant)...

"When does the program start?"

This powerful program begins JULY 1, 2017, but your transformation will begin the second you say yes to yourself. Nothing stacks the universal odds in your favor more than choosing to say yes to your own future. It's normal to experience windfalls, surprise checks in the mail, and unexpected money immediately after you invest in yourself; take note of all the posts of women declaring this to be true inside our facebook group. This is for real.


There will be recordings of all of the calls and classes available for you in your membership portal to listen back to anytime, anywhere. Plus, you will be able to download all of the divine content. This course is yours to keep — now and forever.


This is your current belief system. If you're often in a place where you believe that you can't afford to invest in yourself, then you are actively creating more of that reality. Does your current circumstance of lack mean more to you than actually breaking out of it?

I know it can feel scary to re-program what you've believed to be true your whole life. These limiting beliefs are the very reason you aren't experiencing the life and the money you hoped you would. You need a reboot, a re-programming… this course is the answer. How do I know? Because it has worked for everyone I have ever worked with.

  • “I have been doing ALL the work! No excuses! Waking up and doing all that Randina Marie has given me, and just trusting her and the process.. and finally the past 2-3 days the clouds have parted, and everything is manifesting before my eyes! Emotions, ideas, MONEY, etc... EVERYTHING!

    Please stay the path! This is real and you can truly change and manifest anything your heart desires!”

    Robin R.

  • “Who knew that my life could change so drastically! I am not new to the world of personal development, Randina has a way of immersing and shifting the deep rooted things that you do not even know exist until they come to the surface! And holy… my paychecks first doubled and have now quadrupled since working with Randina and the power of a woman! Amazing!”

    Amanda S.


Yes! Using Angelic NLP/The Divine Effect TM and other tools that actually CHANGE your brain patterns and your energy system, we can make changes much more rapidly than other “talk it out” or healing methods. I have seen these powerful tools work for thousands of women all over the world and I know that they will work for you too if you make the decision to transform and are willing to make the changes. Where science meets the Sacred Divine.


This is your current belief system, and same as the money excuse, If you're often in a place where you believe that you don't have time to do things that will change your life, then you are actively creating more of that reality, and time will eventually run out... Does your current reality of living less than what you are capable of mean more to you than actually breaking out of it?

Again, I know it can feel scary to re-program what you have believed to be true your whole life (hint: your current belief system got you to where you are.. Your dreams require different beliefs to get you to where they are). The limiting beliefs you hold in your consciousness are the very reason you are not experiencing the life you are dreaming of. You need to be awakened to the gift that is you. You must open up to the gifts that are inside you. This is the only way to live a deeply fulfilling life… this course is the answer.


  • “After working with Randina, I was able to heal parts of myself that were blocking an abundance of blessings to flow into my life. One of these blessings I've experienced recently was money flow opening up for me. I got a $4,000 bonus. I have told Randina several times how grateful I am for her, because she has truly changed my life in more ways than one!”

    Taylor G.

  • “I wanted to share some good news with you, because it is thanks to you! I've been "attempting" to reprogram my brain over the past 4 years or so but nothing has really clicked until after i joined your group... I've been participating in pretty much all the calls/ webinars (new moon, full moon, gratitude, etc) and things are finally clicking and I'm seeing huge changes.... I hit that 4k bonus yesterday! THANK YOU for everything you do!!””

    Gina W.


Yes, you can absolutely keep getting anxiety attacks over your bank accounts, or struggling to pay the bills and worrying about where the money is going to come from next, and yes you can continue hiding your gifts, and stay on the path of not knowing how to manifest your dreams into your reality and sustain them,


You can get one, all-inclusive sacred program that provides you proven techniques backed by science and the experience of hundreds women who have lived through these changes first hand. You can start to see instant results now and a complete life change in less than 12 Months. You can experience the support of your soul group, so that you're sure to get exactly what you're looking for… freedom and peace delivered through Universal Support, security and abundance. Not to mention fully awakening your powerful gifts and living your life in true freedom.

I know that you've been desperately trying to make changes in your life that you'd hoped would have kicked in by now. But without certain pieces of the puzzle, manifesting is impossible, Divine Woman.

If you're ready for a happier existence, void of undue anxiety and pain, if you're sick of creating vision boards that never come true fully and Googling YouTube videos of meditations to attract wealth, if you are tired of hiding who you truly are and living less than you are capable of living...

If you're ready to step into the Divine Daughter that God intended you to be, so that you can live your life of purpose, feeling truly abundant and in alignment with your soul, aaaand become Divinely connected, all while experiencing your piece of heaven on earth...


change everything right now in your world.

  • “From going through a horrible divorce to being with my soul mate. After having my daughter, going through a miscarriage after miscarriage being pregnant with a healthy little girl. From being broke and virtually living out of my car to owning a million dollar home. Struggling in business to being successful. Randina helps you make miracles happen. Honestly my life is proof!”


  • “Working with Randina has taken my life to levels I only previously dreamt about. From not knowing what I was going to do with my life and living in an endless struggle of money woes, to being the owner of my own business and experiencing a blessed income. I could not have made it this far this fast, without her wisdom, guidance, and clearings. I am so grateful for where I am and I am so excited about where my life is headed. Randina you are a true asset to me, my business and my entire life.”